Old Orchard

Keith and Gene (photographed below) use state of the art equipment and specialized processes to ensure the quality of the soil is preserved, the productivity of the land is maximized and the plants are healthy.

Pazzaglia rootballing machines are used at Old Orchard Nursery. Pazzaglia was founded in the celebrated Pistoia growing region of Italy as a small machine shop in 1983. It has grown into a company whose engineers have designed and assembled thousands of machines for a worldwide market. Pazzaglia's rootballing machines enable Old Orchard Nursery to maintain their focus on conserving land, labor and energy. Because the Pazzaglia machine has a digging head that hydraulically swings left or right 40 degrees from center, digging is possible in very tight spaces. This allows Keith and Gene to plant in tighter grids, utilizing the land carefully and efficiently.

Old Orchard Nursery uses drip irrigation, which is beneficial for several reasons. With drip irrigation soil erosion is essentially non-existent. Water can be focused on a single row and the occurrence of weeds is significantly lower.